Design, integration and support for media companies

Many video ecosystems start with capturing and producing content. And we at AD Digital are proud to be specialized in integrating studios that are designed precisely to serve the entire flow covered by this video.

With a consultative approach, we view each company as a unique entity, with different requirements for environment, camera, display center, communication, among others. We also count on the support of our partners, with internationally renowned technologies that can take video production to a new level. This way, we deliver an integrated solution, within each client’s specifications and budget.



Where we better understand your business


A technical drawing of this project


The implementation of the design project


Integration of Studios with a Consultative Vision

Our team of experts uses various methodologies to capture the main drivers of each client's production requirements. This information serves as the basis for building the project, from the selection of equipment and technology to the entire infrastructure part.

With our 26 years of experience, our team is always ready to support any studio project, from its design and installation to support and after-sales.

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